Thursday, October 8, 2009

Central Brethren's New Blog Site

As mankind (with Christian Church in tow) forges into the 21st Century, people are utilizing technological advances, especially in Multimedia and Telecommunications, to enhance, strengthen, or otherwise improve, relations between community members. This means that today's citizenry, you and I, possesses a greater capacity to publicly express our sentiments than at any previous point in history.

Consequently, whether an issue might entail the imposition of bureaucratic 'red tape' aimed at increasing a municipality's coffers to obtain a maintenance permit, or an arbitrary rerouting of school buses, it's never been easier for community members to convey their feelings about a particular matter. It's for this reason too, that we've originated a new 'blog' site for 'Central'. It's our hope this little 'experiment' might prove to be an innovative and fun learning experience for all.

We'd invite you to leave a comment as a way of introducing yourself and sharing any thoughts or concerns.


  1. Everyone wants to first!

    Who will second that?

    Should we POST a directory of e-mail addresses?


  2. Hey Phil,

    Thanks for taking the time to sign-in (register) and post a comment. I see you must have inspired Pastor Tim to become a 'follower' . . . (er, as well as myself).

    As a note to others, recognizes a number of email providers (e.g. Yahoo, etc.), so if you already have an existing account, all you have to do is sign in.


  3. Dear Central's Blog Followers,

    On Thursday morning, I worked with Isaiah in Mrs. Horne's first grade class at Highland Park Elementary School. She said she doesn't think he has anyone to work with him at home. So he wrote spelling words with me, he read some of his short books to me, and we read his current reading story together. He likes sports, so I found an easy-reading book about baseball to take him next Thursday. We only spent a half hour together, and he was ready to go back to class. Maybe next week I can keep him interested for 5 more minutes! We'll see!

    Last year I worked with Mrs. Horne's kindergarten class each week. I enjoyed being with her whole class -- probably 18 kids, as I recall. They seemed to gobble up glue and markers, they used them so quickly! I got to be one more pair of helping hands as they were learning to color, cut, and paste. I read to them, and even called out Bingo words several times. I always got a hug or two when I left.

    Her new 1st grade class seems much smaller; the room is much smaller too. She has an intern for now, so I expect the children are receiving a lot of one-on-one attention. I'm encouraged by the small class size. I hope I can give Isaiah some valuable special attention in the weeks to come.

    I'd like to use some of this blog space each week to let you know what Isaiah and I are doing! I hope you'll be looking forward to hearing about our weekly progress.

    Cheri Burton

  4. Thanks for your 'from the street' report Cheri!

    Your willingness to share a little time with a student each week in contributing to Congregations In Action's (CIA) efforts to better support Roanoke's public schools is a perfect reflection of the community spirit and attitude this blog hopes to honor and otherwise celebrate.

    Speaking for the site's editorial staff, we'll look forward to featuring future accounts of your classroom experience as an ongoing series. Thanks again for the practical application of your gifts.



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